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Totalitär are one of the most influential d-beat punk bands of all time.  Originating in the "silver age" of Swedish hardcore from the mid to late Eighties, Totalitär created a pounding take on d-beat hardcore that many bands all over the world today still pay homage to.

Formed in Hudiksvall, a small town in Northern Sweden, in 1985, the original members were Poffen (vocals), Lanchy (guitar), Andreas (bass) and Lennart (drums), with Jallo Lehto (Disfear, No Security, Dischange and Meanwhile amongst many others) later replacing second drummer Jesper on drums.  The band shared members with the infamous Brainbombs and Jesper and additional guitarist Jörgen later formed The Kristet Utseendet.

Always lyrically astute, often referencing capitalism and mutlinational corporations, Totalitär had a prolific period of releasing classic records from the late 80's to mid 90's.  Although the band has a vast discography of four lp's as well as a literal heap of seven inch singles and splits with amongst others, legendary bands like Dropdead, Discolse and Tragedy, they seldomly played live.

The band went on their first hiatus in 1994, but soon returned with Finn Records releasing their first full Sin Egen Motståndare, which today ranks as an absolute cornerstone of the genre.  A slew of recordings continued, as well as a fanzine titled Antisystem, until they disbanded again in 2000.  Totalitär returned again in 2006 and released the Vi Är Eliten lp on Prank Records from San Fransisco before once again becoming dormant.

Members of Totalitär today play in bands such as Instiution, Disssekerad, Makabert Fynd and Kvoteringen.  There are rumours now and then of another coming together but as of yet the band is still inactive.

Totalitär Discography

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