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Negazione was a hardcore punk band based in Turin, Italy during the 1980s and early 1990s.
Formed in 1983, they were one of the most important bands of the hardcore punk scene in Italy at the time, alongside Raw PowerWretchedDeclino and Indigesti.
Among the many groups that in the mid-80s animated the Italian hardcore punk scene Negazione were among the most original. Born in Turin in 1983 by the union of Guido "Zazzo" Bailer (vocals), Roberto "Tax" Farano (guitar) and Marco Mathieu (bass), their line-up would always include these three members, with a continuous rotation of drummers.

Their career began officially in 1984 with the publication of the tape Mucchio Selvaggio , a split cassette with Declino, which was followed by the EP's Tutti Pazzi (Subvert, 1985) and Condannati a Morte nel Vostro Quieto Vivere  (self-released, 1985). These recordings are punk, vulgar and unrestrained, which still gave way for an emotional intensity that would continue to be their trait.

The style of Negazione found it's ultimate expression on the LP, Lo Spirito Continua (De Konkurrent, 1986), thought of as one of the best Italian rock albums of all time. Departing from the path of minimalistic punk, the group are found performing more articulate songs, with sharp changes of tempo and an atmosphere found more often in more "musical" genres. For example, the title track opens with a soft guitar arpeggio that picks up speed until it flows into thrash punk intensity, constantly broken up by mid-tempo changes.  The album stands out in a scene dominated by brakeneck speed riffs and hysterically screamed vocals.  Contributing significantly to the success of the album are the lyrics of Bailer, able to speak to the disillusioned youth whilst at the same time remaining lyrical, angry, poetic and vulgar, cynical and epic.

Little Dreamer (We Bite, 1988) was not as effective. Although the style was the same as the previous album, the creativity behind each song was inferior. Even the albuns best moments, like Il Giorni del Sole, proved to be much more predictable previous efforts.

Even less inspiring are the EP's 1989: Behind the Door (We Bite) and Sempre in Bilico (We Bite). The anthology Wild Bunch (We Bite, 1989) was a collection of the band's early recordings.

100% (We Bite, 1990) proved to be Negazione's swan song. A mixture of the melodic punk of Bad Religion and the grunge of Mudhoney, the record was released at the wrong time:  too late for the alternative public, too early for the mainstream.

The lukewarm reception with which the was album was greeted this album decreed the break up of the band in 1992. Vocalist Guido "Zazzo" Bailer joined Peggio Punx , guitarist Roberto "Tax" Farano began collaborating with Fluxus whilst bassist Marco Mathieu took to music journalism, working for publications such as Metal Hammer and  Rumore.  

Source: Wikipedia.  Biography by Piero Scaruffi, translated by Besatt.

Negazione Discography

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